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Emily shines a flashing multi-coloured light on the world of sensory at KEEN!

'Keeping Them active'

Sensory equipment is so versatile: while some children love chasing the flashing lights around the room or playing games in the dark, others are more content to sit back and enjoy the colours, textures and lights.

Our sensory time is a highlight of every session and we are always looking to buy more equipment to further enrich this time.

Sensory equipment is so important to our KEEN sessions! Each session ends with around ten minutes of sensory activity, with bright lights turned off and flashing lights everywhere.


Our sensory sessions offer something for everyone, from sensory tiles which respond to the pressure of hands, feet and wheelchairs, to flashing, squeaky balls flying off in every direction. Sensory is a great way to calm our sessions down at the end while still keeping them active.

The children who attend our sessions generally love music, lights and colours, so KEEN is looking into investing in more equipment, such as light projectors, to make our sessions even more fun, engaging and stimulating for everyone.


Our sensory time also offers more independence, as the children aren’t bound by one single activity.


Although each of our games are easily adaptable to suit the needs of every child at the session, sensory is fantastic as no adaptations are needed!


Each child can do whatever they want in a vibrant environment, without having to follow rules.

There is no better end to a session!

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