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Putting The Fun Into Fundraising!

As the first fundraising officer, Beth considers how she'll set the benchmark

When I started volunteering with KEEN this time last year, I had no idea that I would be part of the committee and be so involved today! As KEEN’s first ever Fundraising Officer, I believe fundraising is such an important part of the project, as without it we wouldn’t be able to keep the project growing.

Last term, I organised a bucket collection in York centre, which was a big success! Lots of people engaged with us and learned what we’re all about, and we raised over £200 for the project.

This term, I am planning bake sales and another bucket collection in the build up to Christmas.

We aim to buy sensory equipment with the money we raise.  We currently have light up and textured-feel bouncy balls, along with light up floor panels.


This is essential to our sessions, as sensory play is so important to some children that come along, especially those who who sometimes struggle to join in with all of the main games.

I would recommend and urge everyone to get involved with volunteering at KEEN!


It’s a fun, positive and energetic environment, you get to join in the games and be a kid again yourself whilst also helping out children with SEND.


The best part of being a KEEN volunteer is seeing the impact it has on the children, who go home smiling every time!

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