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Idea One
Go on an outside adventure

Heading into the outdoors is a chance to get some exercise whilst  immersed in the fresh air. Explore the woodlands, the suburbs, the olden city streets - anywhere!

This offers the potential to learn about the world around you or just appreciate what is in front of you. It also may be a good chance to get some photos!

Idea Two
Get Artsy

Getting crafty is a great way to develop a skill. It can aid in communication as well as being something you can keep forever. 

Lighten up the dark winter period with some homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations or stick up a colourful drawing on the fridge or mantlepiece. 

Idea Three
Get A Photo With Christmas Lights

If lights are your thing, take a trip down to the centre of York. The lights are in full swing and not only are they visually fascinating, but they could be your chance to get a magical photograph. 

This is a photo from our Christmas social, which we ended with a ramble round the city.

Idea Four
Read A Book
(Or More Than One)

Want to stay indoors but would rather the screens are all off? Trying to get into a book could add to that parent-child connection. In sharing a magical story, you can share a moment and build on communication skills. 

You never know where reading may take them. It could create a vivid interest in reading that could develop as they grow up.

Idea Five
Get Baking
Merry Christmas from everyone at KEEN
and a
Happy New Year!

So it doesn't have to be The Great British Bake-Off but you could always try baking something fun and Christmas related. It is also a craft that gives you edible results so surely it's a win -win!? 

This is a chance to instill some creativity with a potential joy in future years to help with kitchen activities. Watching something go from flour to a colourful edible Christmas tree creates a story and shows a process in action.

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