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 5 Reasons To Bring Your Kids To KEEN

By Emily Miller


1. Inclusivity

Our sessions are designed to include everyone, regardless of age or ability. We focus on fun, playground activities which are accessible for everyone.


Every week, our children choose the games they want to play, and we base their choices on games that will include everyone attending the session.


We always enjoy making up new games, so regardless of ability, we will always find a way to include everyone.

2. Social Skills

As well as allowing children to exercise and enjoy sports that they may otherwise be excluded from, we also aim to improve the social skills of our children through play.


Working together, sharing resources and celebrating achievements are at the heart of our project.


We love to see friendships grow, and watch new children get more and more involved in our activities.

3. Sensory Equipment

At KEEN, we have invested in several pieces of sensory equipment. From flashing balls to colourful sensory tiles, all our equipment is used regularly to the benefit of our children.


If you bring a child to KEEN regularly, as well as ensuring they can participate in all of our games, we will tailor our sensory decisions around their needs.

We base all our purchases on the children’s need,

so we can buy items that will benefit specific children.

4.New Friends

KEEN provides an hour a week for children to meet other children with additional needs, as well as their siblings.


This allows them to form new friendships which we hope will be the focus of our session. But it’s not just about the kids! Since our sessions are only an hour long, most parents choose to stay.


This gives them a chance to socialise with other parents while their children play together.

5. Fun!

Possibly more important than anything else, is that our sessions are fun!


By allowing the children to pick the games we play, and regularly updating our choices, our sessions are lively and enjoyable.


Each child enjoys different things, from running round to ball games, so we always aim to play the games that we know the children attending will enjoy most!

If this has got you interested in bringing your child or children along, don't hesitate to contact:

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