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Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.

Volunteer and Media Officer Sam, ponders on the array of tasks that had to be done for freshers' week.

So, another academic year has begun and KEEN is back up and running. With a complete changeover of committee, we are now running everything! As the Volunteer and Media Officer (V.M.O. for short), I've been trying to ensure that prospective volunteers know about us. This includes returning students and first years.

At the end of 2017's Summer Term, I designed new leaflets for parents and volunteers respectively. The white design with orange and blue shapes dotted around the page seemed to fit KEEN well. It reinforces our logo's colours, and it gives a sense of energy that perfectly fits our sessions!

I was then tasked with acquiring a new banner...

'a new banner..'

I've never dealt with banner design or banner purchasing so this was a new task! I decided to keep the theme used on the leaflets to associate a link. As both parents and volunteers would see it, it had to explain everything with complete brevity.

After much checking back and forth with the rest of the committee, I scaled up my design and sent it for printing. It's rather nice seeing something designed as a few pixels, printed into something much larger than me!

The promotion didn't stop there! Facebook posts were made reminding people of the opportunities available from KEEN. I also made an event for our taster sessions which let more people know about the opportunity through their social media feeds.


Through promoting ourselves, we hope more volunteers and more families can benefit from what KEEN can do and then we can have more interaction. This is why I'm working on different ways of promoting the project.

Just like this blog...

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