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At our weekly Sunday session we enjoy classic playground games, from parachute games, to musical bumps, to duck duck goose! For a few sessions each year we switch things up and spend an hour doing something a bit different. Last term we organised both a trampolining and swimming session as well as a summer sports day!

We all reached new heights at the trampolining session, where members of the University of York Trampoline Society spent an hour teaching both the children and volunteers some moves. The children were jumping for joy and everyone enjoyed bouncing as high as they could!


A few weeks later we all took a trip to the university swimming pool, where we spent an hour splashing around and having a swim together. We raced on woggles, played some ball games and even made up our own shark themed game. Everyone thought the session went swimmingly!

We marked the last session of the summer term with an outdoor sports day and picnic! We had three-legged races, jumped through skipping ropes, played with bubbles and much more. It was an hour and a half filled with smiling faces, fresh air and fun for all of the children and their families.



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We would love to have more children and volunteers joining our sessions to have an hour of fun with us every Sunday! Whatever activities and games we plan for each session, we make sure to keep it inclusive for every child so it can be enjoyed by all.


If you are interested in bringing your child to KEEN or becoming one of our student volunteers, we would love to hear from you at

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