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Life After KEEN - Jennie

Several months after graduation we have caught up with our old Treasurer!

As a student, I volunteered with KEEN for two years, for the second year of which I was on the committee as the treasurer.

Last Sunday I was in York, so of course I could not miss the opportunity to sneak into KEEN and catch up with the kids and volunteers.

Back in the dance studio, I was immediately swept up in the madness of KEEN, running around, chasing after footballs, and trying to convince the children to choose my favourite games.

I realise that not only did KEEN bring me immense joy, it prepared me for the scary world of work after university. This summer I graduated and began working as the assistant manager of a Scope charity shop, where I use the skills I developed at KEEN on a daily basis.

Working with a wide variety of people at KEEN including university staff, parents and the children themselves, I developed the confidence to communicate professionally with everyone I encounter in the workplace.

In Scope, I am responsible for managing a team of volunteers who are needed for the shop to run. I gained valuable experience of this on the committee for KEEN, as well as learning how to work within a team of managers.

KEEN showed me the importance of services for people with disabilities in the community, and I am happy I can continue to support this cause by raising money for a charity helping people with physical disabilities.

I may not get to play fireball or crocodile, crocodile anymore, but I am extremely grateful to KEEN for all the wonderful experiences that have enabled me to begin my career in a charity that I care deeply about.

I urge all students at York to volunteer with KEEN and join in the fun, despite my jealousy that I no longer can!

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