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Games How-Tos

Feeling a little rusty on how to play our games?

Take a read through this quick guide to help familiarise yourself with them!


Sat in a circle on the floor, legs-spread, the group passes a ball to each other. When the music stops

the person with the ball is out. 

The last person there is the winner.


Although everyone's a winner to us.

Duck, Duck, Goose

A very York-centric game, once again sat in a circle.

One person runs round the outside of the circle, tapping each person on the head calling them a 'duck'. 

They then call one a 'goose' which means they get chased round the circle by them.

If they get to the gooses' original spot without getting caught, the 'Goose' then has to go round the circle, thus starting again.


Essentially fireball of the dance world.

Everyone dances to the music and must sit down when it stops. If you're the last one to go down, well sorry, you're out!

The last one dancing is the winner.

Crocodile, Crocodile...

... may we cross your golden river.

Yes, that's the one! First, there is one crocodile (or should we say person) who stands in the middle of the room. Everyone else is stood at one end of the room and all together shout; 




The crocodile responds yes but only if you meet one of their rules (e.g. 'YES, but only if you are wearing blue'). People who meet the rule are safe to cross and cannot be caught, everyone else must run across and hope they are not captured by the crocodile.

Those who are caught must then join the crocodile and help catch people. The game continues until the last person is left.

Sharks & Fish

Yoga mats are spread across the floor which are like islands but for fish. Everyone is a 'fish' bar a select few 'sharks'. 

The fish start off swimming until a call is made by the sharks and all of the fish must find a mat. However, a mat or two is taken away each round. The sharks must capture all of the fish.

The last fish swimming is the winner.


This one is quite self-explanatory but we do love to start off the session with a few races to get us ready for a fun and activity-filled hour!

Races can vary from your standard running or hopping races down to army-crawling on the floor - each week is very different. 

Sharks & Lifeguards

Everyone sits around the parachute - legs tucked under- except for a couple of sharks, who stay underneath, and a couple of lifeguards, who walk round the circle.

The sharks must pull everyone under whilst the lifeguards try to pull them back to the surface.

The game essentially ends when the sharks have got everyone under.

Cat & Mouse

Basically, a couple of 'mice' crawl underneath the parachute as everyone waves it to make it harder for the cats to find them.

The 'cats' are a couple of people who crawl on top of the parachute.

The game ends when the cats have caught all of the mice.

Eggs for Breakfast

Standing up, everyone waves the parachute tossing the ball around. One person must run round the circle once before the ball lands in their spot.

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