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Life After KEEN - Liv

One year on from graduating, we caught up with Liv as she reflects on how KEEN played a part in where she now finds herself.

Since leaving University I have started working as a PA for a child with Autism. Although at times this is extremely difficult, it is, perhaps, the most rewarding aspect of my life. Our days are filled with alternative and quirky communication which, from the outside can seem a trifle strange.


For example, in the playground at school, the only way we can get our coats and hats etc. on, is if we sing Frank Sinatra: I love you baby. It would seem that rather an old soul is in the body of a five year old, and isn’t that spectacular.

Other tips and tricks follow what many others in similar professions do: large gestures, overly expressive faces and melodic voices. So, in context, I’m the one in the playground overly expressive and imitating Sinatra.....

There is something so beautiful about the creativity of signing. My favourite sign is :’to learn’. This is literally picking something up with your hands and placing it on your head. As if you are picking up information and putting it in your brain. What a wonderful image, literal creativity. My days are now spent signing and singing and I can’t think of anything better.

I joined KEEN to continue my passion for interacting through alternative communication. This made my three years. Their message of inclusivity and support is enriching, and we need a bit more of that in everyday life. And hey, if you need a Sinatra tribute, you know where I am .

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